Derek Stone, Founder & Performance Coach

I have clear vision of what I want to build in this world. Through any means necessary, I help inspire athletes and business leaders to harness the power of purpose. Galvanizing minds, attitudes and confidence is my life’s mission. I am here to add to your legacy. Minor hockey to the NHL, I work with anyone willing to displace fear, comfort and doubt to achieve their dreams. I am a safe harbor for change and growth and through the support of Stone Performance Academy, athletes are relentless, emotionally intelligent and confident in a perpetual state of discomfort. It has been said that Motivation is the desire to achieve that which is worth while. I’ve found that which is worth while, have you?

Dr. Sara Leblanc, Sports Psychologist

With a PhD in psychology and 10+ years of experience in Corporate, Sports and Academic performance psychology, Dr. Leblanc has helped elite athletes, business leaders, organizations and teams consistently perform in high pressure situations. Dr. Leblanc is committed to providing coaching and enhancing human potential in sport and business. Her extensive background includes bespoke program design, facilitation, teaching and assessment for clients across Canada, US & the UK. As a certified MTQ48 and MBTI practitioner, her consulting skills extend to working with elite athletes & organization to help improve leadership capabilities, group cohesion and manage high pressure, performance situations. Dr. Leblanc’s passion is developing mental fitness capacities to help athletes elevate their game to the next level. As a dynamic and integral part of Stone Performance Academy, Dr. Leblanc is eager to facilitate the growth necessary for athletic development and tangible results.